I post What i post, what i draw, what i say and what i reblog. Why? because I'm what i am. Lets see who am i? I'm Michey, I'm 21 almost 22 years old and I study at Front Range for Animation. I love to study new things when it comes to art. Things I post and reblog: My Sempai Markiplier <3, DeadPool, Doctor Who, Homestuck, Some My little pony, My art. and anything silly. So welcome to my blcg. Also I do rant on some things so don't like my opinion, there's the unfollow button. thank you. Don't let the door hit your 14 year old ass on the way out. Anyway enjoy my blog

Oh by the way this lil snow leopard is named Neve. :33

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Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]


Doodle Time by Sarah Anderson [tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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okie dokie i’m going to bed, and tomorrow i’m going to be answering some random questions

So send me some questions if you want!

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nuff’ said

my boyfriend is protective but its cute.

my boyfriend is protective but its cute.

thanks for the food though.

thanks for the food though.

thanks to those who came, I will be doing more and possibly have no interruptions

This is for people who can take Scary Stories

Warning: If you have a weak heart, or not into Scary stories I would recommend you to not listen to this creepy Pasta. 


The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon

If you have heard of this story don’t spoil it to others

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When I do my Livestream Reading, Would anyone would like to hear a creepy story? 



tapped the breaks

Vine by Lauren Lavoie